“What’s your sign?”  The pickup line had long since gone from cool to cliche to creepy and was now absurd.

“It’s big, it’s red, has eight sides and says ‘STOP’.”

I was not in the mood.  He had already asked me if I came here often to which I had replied, “Only when traveling.”  I couldn’t wait to get on the plane and visit my family, but I was already missing my husband and was worried about flying six months pregnant.  For some reason, I still didn’t show so I got no questions from the airport staff and I guess we can forgive the nervous youth who managed to overlook my rings.

I didn’t tell him I’m a virgo.  Virgos were tidy, uptight creatures and that right there made me write off the concept of astrology.

Like I said, I was pregnant.  As we took off , my baby was clearly upset.  She didn’t like loud noises and flailed around like she did when I’d vacuum, so I placed the disposable headphones on my belly with the classical station playing and she settled down.  She still loves classical music and fears the vacuum.

Doctors and scientist keep telling us that the things that happen before birth matter.  Moms need to take vitamins and exercise some, but not too much and not become overly stressed for the healthiest outcome.  Babies come to recognize the voices of their mother and people she is most often around.

Up until pretty recently in human history, our lives were governed by the seasons.  There were seasons to rest, seasons to work hard, times to feast, times to skimp a bit on food. During the harvest season, an expectant mother would have all manner of fresh vegetables available.  In the winter she would need to make due with game and preserved veggies.  Each month different foods would be more in season and so fetuses throughout the year would be exposed to different nutrients  as their brains and bodies developed.  Their mothers may have rested more or worked harder leaving less fuel for the baby.

Theory – Up until recently, babies were highly impacted by the seasonal environment and trends were noticed.  Certain stars hovered overhead and were given credit.

Like most people my age, my mother had the advantage of a supermarket.  She could eat watermelons in a snow storm if she wanted.  She took her vitamins and maybe unlike late summer babies of a few generations earlier, I wasn’t any more likely to organize my sock drawer by  ROYGBIV than my winter born peers.

I’ve got a sudden urge to clean my fridge.